NFT Generation – Development Update: #1

In December of 2021, we launched our first NFT related service. Our NFT Generator, here at Generate NFT Online (GNO)

We have received a great deal of interest from artists and brands worldwide. Our motivation continues to grow to create tools for artists and those whom support the ideology of property rights.

Today I will be discussing some of the components to our latest upgrade to our service, and what that means for artists going forwards.

Improved NFT generation speed & Reduced Bugs

We were able to optimize our backend algorithms for static images (PNGs) and animated media (GIF & MP4s) via a slew of rigorous refactoring and scaling techniques. We were able to increase PNG generation speeds drastically, even whilst multiple generations are ongoing.

Over the past couple of months, we have pushed multiple updates to GNO to fix bugs, add additional features, and improve the user interface. The downside? We had to wait for a time in which their were minimal generations ongoing at any given time. Prior to this upgrade, all generations were halted and were unable to fail-over whenever we pushed an update. This would force our users to have to restart their generation.

This upgrade now adds fail-over ability by utilizing a new algorithm as a job communicator, allowing us to push rolling updates to GNO without negatively impacting GNO customers.

Minting NFT Collections

After launching our NFT Generator, many of our users had one particular question:

I am able to generate my NFT collection images and metadata, but how do I mint my NFT collection to the blockchain?

We created Generate NFT Online to help enable artists to break into the modern era of the NFT. We realized this is a vital component to cover. I am proud to announce the launch of our NFT Minter. GNO now offers the ability to seamlessly deploy a smart contract to Ethereum or Polygon to enable minting functionality for your NFT collection, without any code. The new update enables a variety of functionality for our users such as:

  • Open/close sale
  • Set mint prices
  • Setting a whitelist of addresses for a presale
  • Pre-reveal. Use a static image across your NFTs until you reveal the actual NFT to their owners
  • Airdropping. Send you or your community any amount of NFTs from your collection at the click of a button

To learn more about our NFT Minter, read our guide here: “How do I mint my NFT collection?

Embeddable Mint Button

Alongside our NFT minter, we have also created an software development kit (SDK) for GNO, enabling users to embed a mint button for their users on their websites. Simply create your mint, copy your mint button code, and paste it on your web page. Voila!

Hosted NFT Mint Pages

For those whom do not already have a website, we have you covered, too!

By creating a mint via the NFT Minter, you will have access to the NFT Hosted Pages on the user dashboard. Our hosted pages will enable you to create your NFT website. Your mint button will already be embedded on the website, all you need to do from there is simply configure the colors and content to appear on your NFT website.

To learn more about our hosted NFT Pages, read our guide here: “How to create an NFT Website for Minting

For now, this sums up our first major development update.

We are truly inspired by the amount of artists whom have been empowered through the NFT movement, and will continue to work around the clock to provide NFT tools to the community.

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