How to Use a Autominter – 4 Steps to Launch a NFT Collection

On April 23rd, 2021, an entire NFT collection was sold for a whopping $1.8M within the metaverse called “Bored Ape Yacht Club”.

As the metaverse continues to make waves, wealthy investors are taking aim at quality NFT collections.

To ensure you do not miss out on the profits of being an artist in this new era of digital artwork, we put together this simple guide on how to get started with generating and deploying your NFT collection with an autominter.

What is a NFT?

What is an NFT

A “NFT” is a non-fungible token. A token that is immutable, stored on the blockchain.

Most NFTs in their current form are digital files such as images, videos, and music.

Having evolved from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0, we are now transitioning to Web 3.0. Web 3.0 being the metaverse, in which humans will own digital assets such as NFTs and even digital real estate, in a virtual world.

NFTs cannot be destroyed, or duplicated without verification. The ownership of an NFT can always be verified, whether or not that means linking to a real name or even a pseudonym or a wallet address.

What is a NFT Collection?

What is an NFT collection?

An “NFT collection” is a collection of NFTs, most often randomly generated based on specific traits and rarities.

The main traction around NFTs over the past year has been based around scalability and the quantity of NFTs. Artists and brands are able to generate a NFT collection in a matter of hours, instead of years. 

Take a game for instance. A game will have several characters, and those characters will also have several traits. All of the artwork for the characters and traits are made, but applying them all to create 10,000 different variations takes time. However, not when using an NFT generator.

NFT collections also help reduce costs for artists and brands within the industry. Transaction fees (otherwise known as “gas” fees), may eat up an artist’s budget real quick. 

By allowing users to pay the “mint” fee to the network, the artist thereby does not have to pay the transaction fees for placing the NFT on the blockchain.

What is an Autominter?

An autominter is an application that will automatically mint your NFT collection to the blockchain.

The blockchain requires two assets in order to create an NFT. The media file itself, and the metadata to link to the media file and describe its attributes.

Once an artist has these assets, they are able to then make an NFT. Creating a singular NFT is easy, and can be done by simply using a service such as OpenSea

However, deploying an entire collection to the blockchain becomes more complicated. 

An autominter enables the artist to create a smart contract without coding experience, and launch a mint sale directly from a website.

Why should you create an NFT Collection?

With 15 year olds making millions from NFT sales, a shift in the view of modern artwork is changing.

If you are an artist or a brand, you should create an NFT collection because you will build your fanbase and your profits simultaneously. 

Gone are the days of which artists need to live off of bread crumbs while they build their audience.

How Much Money Can You Make From It?

Top NFT Collections

You can make millions of dollars from a successful NFT collection. 

Think about it from the perspective of initial NFT prices. Most often, NFTs are initially sold for $100-200. Now, compound that against a collection size of 10,000. Your earnings are therefore approximately $1-2M.

You may also decide to hold onto several of your own NFTs from your collection, for a good reason. When your collection becomes more popular, you may also sell those for an even greater return.

When you launch an NFT collection, you gain a larger audience. Those who purchase your NFT will then also promote your collection. They will be proud to own your artwork, some will additionally want to seek a higher value on the NFT you created. 

Therefore, your community will promote your collection after having purchased your NFT, bringing you even more popularity. Further profits can then be made from additional collection drops, royalties, or selling some of the assets from the collection that you held on to.

How to Create an NFT Collection as a Beginner

To use a autominter, you will need to:

  1. Create your Artwork
  2. Generate your NFT Collection
  3. Deploy a smart contract via an NFT Minter

Below is an in-depth look into how we may deploy an NFT collection:

1) Create your Artwork

Artwork is at the center of NFTs, just as sugar is to cake. You will first have to create your characters, and your traits (such as hair, jewellery, apparel).

If you are a brand or an entrepreneur with an idea, but not an artist yourself, you may find character artists here to help build your art.

Your artwork should be of high quality and unique. Most often, popular NFT artwork is fun and uplifting.

Ensure to create some special traits. An example of a special trait could be some unique sunglasses. These special traits will be more rare than others, so make sure to create a few of them!

2) Generate your NFT Collection

Now that you have your artwork, you will have to generate your NFT collection. 

You may generate your collection and metadata by using our NFT Generator

As seen in the image above, you are able to:

  • Create layers
  • Upload your images or animations (PNG, GIF, or MP4)
  • Configure your project name, description, and website URL
  • Set your NFT collection size
  • Configure your trait rarities

For an in-depth guide to generating your NFT collection, read our article here:

3) Deploy Your Smart Contract using our Autominter

Once you have your collections images and metadata, you are ready to deploy your smart contract with our autominter. Use our NFT Minter here to save yourself the hassle of having to learn how to code your own smart contract.

Our autominter does charge a 3.9% on all initial mint sales. Nonetheless, this is quite a bit cheaper (and quicker!) than having to find a programmer to do the process manually.

The process is straightforward, and can be completed in under 15 minutes.

Our autominter contains the following features:

  • Lazy minting
  • Reveal-later
  • Presales and whitelisting
  • Airdrops
  • Mint management page
  • Embeddable mint button for your website, or
  • Hosted pages to run your mint sale from

For an in-depth guide on how to mint your NFT collection, read our article here:

4) Start Selling!

It is time to start selling now that you have generated your NFT collection, deployed your smart contract through our autominter, and setup your website.

How do I sell my NFT collection?

To sell your NFT collection, all you need to do is promote your mint page. 

Create a discord server, and start inviting your friends. You may even create marketing “bounties” or “challenges” by offering whitelist spots on your presale, or even free NFTs for those who win. You may airdrop users who bring in the largest audience from our mint management page.

Ensure to frequently post on Twitter. Show some previews of your NFT collection, and make use of Twitter hashtags.

You may also offer a giveaway on Twitter, such as “one free NFT for 3 random users”. Ask your users to participate in the giveaway by joining your Discord, following your twitter, and retweeting your giveaway tweet.

Start messaging and interacting with various NFT influencers within the twitter space. Do nto try to shill them too hard on your project. You will need to come across as professional and likeable for an influencer to give you any time or thought. Once you gain their attention, the rest is on your artwork itself.

Don’t forget to post your mint website on various sources! Make use of reddit, medium, and hackernoon. Make your posts entertaining and insightful to attract engagement into your project.

Promoting your NFT collection is just as important as the three previous steps above. Feel free to join our discord community to work with like-minded individuals to help get your project out there!


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