The #1 NFT Affiliate Program

So, you have built some influence within the industry and you are looking to capitalize off of it? Great! Our NFT affiliate program is able to provide your audience with the NFT tooling they need, while enriching you at the very same time!

How much do NFT Affiliates Earn?

Standard affiliates under the Generate NFT Online Affiliate program earn 10% of all commissions, including repeat orders. This number is negotiable for those whom are approved to join our influencer outreach program. Users who are approved to the influencer outreach program are also provided their very own vanity link (such as Being that our clients often make multiple purchases, our nft affiliate program provides a solid way to monetize your audience, whilst also providing a very dire need to NFT Artists.

How to get an NFT Affiliate Link

The process is very straightforward. Simply login to our NFT Affiliate dashboard, navigate over to affiliates, and copy your link! Anybody whom places an order under your link will result in a 10% commission to you.

How are NFT Affiliates paid?

For simplicity sake, Generate NFT Online currently only makes payments in Ethereum. The minimum payment threshold for our NFT affiliates is $50 USD.

Payment data is collected after a payment period ends and will then be sent to the affiliate during the next payout date.

Payout periods:

Our current payout periods are as follow:

  • 1st of every month
  • 16th of every month

Why promote us?

We spend a lot of time on ensuring we are able to provide NFT Tooling for artists and brands that are beyond satisfactory for our clients. Not only do we offer excellent NFT Software, but also superb support. The same thing applies to our NFT Affiliates such as yourself. We are here to support you in every step of the adventure, and are always available to open dialogue with.

What about NFT Influencers?

NFT Influencers who are accepted to our influencer outreach program may negotiate higher commission rates. Influencers may also receive dedicated vanity links (such as To see if you are qualified to become apart of the NFT influencer outreach program, please feel free to message our support. To message our support, visit our home page and click the support icon on the lower right hand corner.


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