4 Tips for Marketing your NFT Collection

This past year has brought a tremendous amount of attention to the NFT industry. We have seen an abundance of appreciation for artwork and decentralized property rights world-wide. Today, we’re going to get into how to market your NFT collection the right way.

As many of you may know, as much as there are marvelous teams and artwork within this industry, there are also malevolent actors trying to find quick ways to make some cash, even if it means hurting people. This article is going to be focused around artists and brands who are in it for the long run. Thus, if you’re looking to make some quick cash and abandon your community, this article is not for you.

Step 1) Start building your socials

Yes, even before you start working on your artwork for your NFT collection. Your social following not only provides you with a community to market and work together with, but also builds your trust profile. These days, your trust profile is just as important, or perhaps even arguably more important, than the artwork itself. Get on Twitter, build up a feed of content that has meaning to you within the industry. Follow people in which have content you like, not just “hype” giveaways and people tweeting without any solid context. Ensure to tweet a couple times per week. The more the merrier, the more you engage with the community, the more they engage with you.

Step 2) Make your artwork sell itself

It’s not in my best interest to tell an artist how to do their job. You probably already know what you’re doing. However, it is apparent, even from those whom are not artists, on how much passion went into creating that specific piece. If your heads not in the game, how do you suppose you will win the game? Make sure you’re enthusiastic about the art you’re making. Quality over quantity. Build up a reputation of quality, rather than that of cheap artwork you could get at a flee-market for a couple dollars.

Step 3) Power & Influence Via Legitimacy

Many projects pay twitter influencers thousands upon thousands of dollars to market their projects. However, to somebody like myself, this is a complete turnoff. When I see a project is being promoted by several “influencers” who simply tweet out giveaways every second hour, I lose all interest. Take your time with the previous two steps, and now take the time to reach out to others whom you may have befriended during this time. Make partnerships, find legitimate websites whom will future you, tag a few high-quality influencers within the industry (remember, quality over hype). Some people may ignore you. However, that is the premise of marketing. They may need to see your content or hear your brand name multiple times before it sparks any interest whatsoever. This applies to any company or brand. Keep pushing forward day by day.

Step 4) Add incentives to your NFT Collection

Other than your glamorous art and your quality following, you should also focus on incentivizing others. This doesn’t mean offering a giveaway every two days. Rather, perhaps your artwork is part of a story – and to understand that story, hook your users in with some initial context. Each character or piece of your artwork may be an additional chapter. Hit emotions in people, good emotions. There’s nothing more incentivizing nor addicting than somebody who can bring out a good mood in others, and that’s what good artists are able to do for me and many others.


CEO of Generate-NFT.online